Sunday, 17 April 2011

He is Good

If you want to know what this post is about in four words, here it is: 

His goodness toward me, me, is astounding.  I can't believe that He would be so abundant in his gifts to me.  It sounds all good on paper in some random book talking about God, but to experience His goodness and faithfulness personally, is just incredible.  I feel so unworthy and so unbelievably privileged.  Here's why.

I came to a new job two weeks ago.  I had nothing other than the few things that could fit in my car.  I drove for 9 hours before getting here and staying with relatives that I have met once before.  I started a new and unfamiliar job and through everything, I felt such a peace.  I had such a security in His love and care for me.  I knew that God would not bring me here to abandon me.  He would provide a way for me.  In my heart of hearts, I asked Him for some things that to be very honest, I never really expected Him to answer.  I was more like, "Well, God, it would be nice but I don't expect you to deliver on it".  I think I underestimated God.  Talk about an understatement!

Mostly, I was concerned with where I was going to find a place to live.  I had some things on the list that were deal-breakers and others that weren't.  I wanted to live with Christians, girls preferably.  I wanted a newish place in a safe area that wasn't too far away from my work or the homes of my friends and family.  I would love to have my own bathroom!  And it would be amazing to be able to have the use of a garage to park my car.  And I need furniture because I didn't have any space in my car for any.  Friends, He gave me all of that.  And more.  I move next weekend.

Thank you God.  You are so good to me.  Your love for me is endless and unfathomable.  You guide me and keep me.  You are more wonderful to me than my feeble words can describe.  

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  1. Such an encouraging post! Hope the move goes smoothly next week and is stress-free =D