Wednesday, 4 May 2011


So... (awkward pause)... I've been busy. No excuses. Excuses are not necessary when one has no rules for one's own blog. Something I promised myself when I moved here. So I'm sure you'll forgive me for my silence. Better to talk about something than nothing at all. I've had nothing to blog about for the last little while. Correction: I've had nothing of interest to blog about and I've had very little time in which to do it. In remedy to that, I've set up a twitter account. That's controversial isn't it?! Just so that I don't need to write a full blog post when "nothing" is happening or I don't have time. Until the next bout of nothing hits me...  


  1. Haha... I came here via your comment on Reeve's blog and had to smile, because I've been in a similar season with blogging lately.

  2. lol! Love that image. So true.

  3. Lovely to meet you, Anna :)