I'm a twenty-something girl living in a little country called New Zealand. It's a completely wonderful place. I admit to being completely and unashamedly biased!

I am a qualified early childhood teacher. I work at a Christian preschool with a bunch of awesome little people ranging from eight months to three years - I'm smitten with them!

I live in a lovely little apartment that is an extravagant answer to prayer and a display of God's over-the-top, abundant love. I share it with my no-longer-little younger brother. Some days I am very domesticated. Today is not one of them. 

I love to travel and explore new places,
My nose is often found buried in a book,
I love, love, love rainy days
and I collect pretty teacups.

Sometimes I have a streak of productivity and actually enjoy doing housework.
I like to bake,
and I like the idea of cooking more than I actually like cooking.

I dabble a little bit in photography,
and with writing.
Yellow roses are my favourite,
and yes, I put a 'u' in favourite.

I like a good coffee,
there's coffee and then there's coffee.
I take it black at the moment.

I love the quietness of the morning drive to work,
most likely I'm listening to a bit of Owl City.
Weekends are meant for rest and relaxation.
Reality is often not on the same page as me on this matter.

I LOVE spending time with my family,
our time together is precious.
My parents moved oversees recently
and the extended family live on the opposite side of the globe.

My journey with Jesus is a day by day working out of faith.
The further I walk, the more I learn that He is trustworthy and faithful in all things.
It's a beautiful mystery.

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