Sunday, 10 April 2011

Unfamiliar Territory

I had hoped to avoid getting sick.  Especially so early on in autumn and the start of my job.  But nevertheless I did.  A cold in the head, I have.  So inconvenient.  I had tried so hard to keep healthy, having vitamins and eating right but to no avail. 

I’ve heard it said that everyone has a different need when they’re sick.  Some like to be cared for, some want nothing to do with anybody, some sleep, some do all the above.  I think I like a bit of caring, lots of sleeping, snuggling on the couch watching TV and walking around the house in my pajamas with one of my dad’s hanky’s in my pocket.  So much better than going through a whole box of tissues, not to mention cheaper.  Just put it in the wash and viola – clean. 

Herein lay my dilemma.  Being away from home, there were no daddy’s hankies around.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Men’s  Dad's handkerchiefs are just so comforting, especially when feeling so terrible and blocked up.  So I decided that I needed a substitute for my absent father.  Or rather, his hankies!  So, among several other errands, I ventured into the mystery that is a men’s department!!  Ahh, what did I think I was doing?  I felt so awkward.  Have you ever been in a place that feels so strange, so foreign that you understand what Alice must have felt when she fell down the rabbit hole?  Well I have.  It just happened to be in my local men’s department.  I wondered around a little aimlessly, perhaps with a bit of a little-girl-lost look on my face.  I just couldn’t bare the thought of some sales guy asking if there was anything he could help me with.  I must have hid my bewilderment quite well because nobody did.  After circulating for what seemed like half an hour, winding through shirts and socks and countless other unfamiliar and frankly slightly embarrassing items,  I found what I’d been seeking – handkerchiefs.  “Eight men’s handkerchiefs for six dollars.  Yes, a steal for that price.  I’ll take it”.  I kind of associated them as belonging to someone else rather than to me.  The logic worked in my mind, believe me.

I beelined out of there and retreated to the familiarity of the women’s department and found a twin pair of white socks to complete my purchases and paid at the lingerie counter of all places.   Suffice to say, I am the proud owner of eight men’s handkerchiefs.  I really hope this makes you laugh because I can't help thinking what a silly girl I am!  

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