Thursday, 8 September 2011

I Will Need a Hammer

Today was another long and agonizing day. Dejection has become a rather frequent visitor lately. I sat down at the computer during my afternoon tea break. Only an hour to go before I could go home. And the clock was moving somewhat slower than usual. I opened Facebook. I hardly go on there anymore.
But I found this:

"When God has given you a promise (when you really know it's God) and all the doors start closing and you start doubting if you heard him or not. Don't be discouraged because it probably means you're on the right track and it's just time to either smash some doors or make holes in the walls"

Funny how just when I'd almost forgotten it, God reminded me that I'm not so crazy to trust him.  And that really, when it feels like there is no hope, I'm on the right track. It's darkest just before the dawn, right?
I was in the car on my way home this afternoon and there was just the faintest rainbow visible in the sky ahead of me. So thin and wispy that it hardly seemed real or there at all. I had to take a hard look before deciding that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. A rainbow is a symbol of His promise to us, right? Is He trying to say something to me? Could it be that He brought me to a city frequented by rainbows for a reason?

So -

Does this call for a few holes in the wall?

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