Thursday, 2 June 2011

Let Felicity Fly

because I feel this happy.  And my heart is light and my smile mile-wide.

It's been a long week. It has seemed to drag its feet in an exasperating attempt to make me crazy. But it's almost Friday and I'm hanging out for the weekend. Mostly because I'm jumping on a plane and heading home for the weekend. And it's a long weekend. Even better. I plan to thoroughly enjoy the company of my family and good friends. I'm going to fall for the temptation of home cooking and expertly made coffee and long chats and frequent laughs and good-natured teasing and the most comfortable bed ever! I will savor and relish every moment. That's just so cliche but it's what makes the hard days worth their endurance - gritted teeth and all.  Happy weekending friends!

Updated postscript 15/07/11: Yes, I totally stole my title from Owl City. But I'm sure he won't mind. And did you know that I get the most traffic on the blog to this post alone? Weird, but okay...

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  1. =D Love that picture. Too cute! Have an awesome weekend!