Wednesday, 8 June 2011

For the Hard Times

Sometimes I just forget that I'm not the only person in the world. It's easy to be selfish, block out the world and immerse myself in the ocean of my emotions. Let's face it, being a woman, my emotions are prone to getting carried in and out like the relentless tide. When I'm happy, I want everyone else to be happy too. And on the days when I'm down in the dumps (because on occasion I do visit there) I secretly wish that everyone feels just as miserable as I do. Cause it's just better when you've got someone to be miserable with than being so on your own. If only life were that accommodating! Truth is, here I am in my little bubble of a life, feeling very happy with myself because things are going so swimmingly well. And in spite of that, I'm brought crashing back down to earth with the knowledge that there are people who are currently dwelling in those dumps I mentioned earlier. Whether permanently or not, there daily reality is not as rosy as mine. I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach as I let myself feel the emotions if that were me. If it were me. A sneaky and unwelcome feeling of resentment towards another's happiness or their ease. A more long-suffering feeling of a burden being borne that is worthy of being carried alone and without the understanding of anyone else. Whether accurate or not, there is someone who's journey is hard, long, painful and tiring today. Maybe it's yours. Maybe not. But it is someones. And for the times when the day is hard, when the work is difficult, the season is trying, for the hard times and the alone times, I pray God brings you His peace. That His love will wrap you in it's safety and warmth. May He be your refuge and strong tower in your time of trouble.


  1. ah, i like these sorts of posts. good reminders of how we are to band together with one another, in times of joy and sorrow, even though it may not come naturally to us. vulnerability can be a beautiful thing.

  2. awesome encouragement! i'm with you on the whole emotional roller coaster we can find ourselves on at times =)