Wednesday, 13 February 2013

In Which the Silence is Broken

oh wow, long pause...

I seem to be in the habit of taking long pauses and habitual breaks from blogging (ugh, still hate that word so much i hate whomever came up with it).  

So during my three month absence, what have I been up to?

I worked very hard. Despite the fact that I love my job, I sometimes also really hate it. The end of last year got very muddy and yucky in the professional department of my life. Things were confusing and downright depressing. The week before Christmas saw a possible redundancy. Need I say more? Yeah, not so great on top of other stressful things that happened at work to dampen the holiday cheer.

But thankfully, thankfully...Christmas holidays meant a trip away. Two weeks out of my life to forget about my problems...bliss. I went to Australia to see my parents (they happen to have done this crazy thing last year where they moved to another country - yeah, crazy). 

But a good excuse to travel right?

A little bit of Christmas magic
That's right friends - 46 degrees. Living on the edge.
High tea with a view.
Oh my goodness, this cutie!!
Koala!!!! In the wild ahhh!!!
Right. Definitely a good excuse to travel. 

Since I've been back, it's more work - gosh my life sounds boring - and also some other stuff that is still brewing in my mind and heart. Maybe I will share some of that with you later. Maybe not. For now though...


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