Saturday, 6 October 2012

Some Thoughts on Procrastination and Productivity

Today I've spent some time writing a few posts that will be ready for next week. I almost can't believe that I'm so prepared. I usually don't prepare things ahead of time. I'm more of a 'just wing it' kind of blogger. But honestly, I'm struggling with this daily posting thing. It's getting quite overwhelming and whenever I start feeling overwhelmed, I usually run and hide and don't want to come out for a long, long time. 

I read a blog post at Red and Honey entitled Blogger vs. Procrastination (really loving Beth's series on Un-Blogging btw) and left a comment because honestly - procrastination is my middle name! 

Here's some of what I said:

I struggle with this one big time! And I'm not even a wife or mother. I don't know how you ladies do it! Seriously though, I do have a busy life with lots of things that pull my attention in different directions. So when I do have down time, I think I need to relax and not do anything in order to be refreshed. But really, I'm just not using my time as wisely as I should. Actually, when I invest my time into productive passions (ie. the things I do in my down time). I'm re-energizing my batteries in order to give into other areas in my life too. By procrastinating, we are really robbing ourselves of achieving our dreams and a sense of purpose and fulfillment in our day-to-day life. Easier said than done, I know. I am a terrible procrastinator and constantly have to work on staying focused and motivated to achieve the things that are so easily put off!

8 Best Tips for Avoiding Procrastination outlines some very achievable and practical tips that I think are awesome! If you fight against the Procrastination Monster like I do, I would definitely recommend it.


  1. I totally agree! When I have some free time, I think it will help by watching endless TV or something of the like, but I never feel restored as I think I should. But when I write or craft, (love the creative passions term) it refreshes me so deeply. Looking forward to your posts this week. I'm not quite there in terms of planning ;)

  2. Lol, I have the mistaken idea that I can multi-task by being "productive" while watching TV. Let's just say it's not very productive!

    Don't worry, even though I've been working ahead of time it's still not finished!