Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Whenever I even think about blogging, my words shrivel up and die an immediate death. My brain is working on overdrive and can't slow down enough to process and digest. Time to process and digest I think. While tings (yes, I did just write tings and I'm actually tired enough that I can't be bothered to correct it) around here have been rather quiet lately, life has been anything but. Sometimes I feel the need to pause everything and just stop for five minuets.  When did my life take on the desperate need for balance like so many others out there in the world? Note to self: Welcome to the life of a working adult with commitments and adult responsibilities!

Yet in the midst of the whirlwind, where it's so easy to get carried away, I need to keep focused. Keep my eyes on Jesus. Keep on fighting. Keep on walking. Keep on keeping on. Life doesn't stop. And I'm beginning to realise more and more how important it is to rest. Not just the kind of rest that means stopping what I'm doing but resting in Jesus. Pursue rest as actively as the commitments that fill my time. I've discovered that if I don't, I just don't rest at all which means that I can't handle the things that are on the daily to-do list and therefore take on the air of a slightly crazed woman who is paranoid 24/7. Remember to keep Jesus in the centre. Because even though everything is so busy it's crazy...

[God] is in the midst of the whirlwind and the storm,
and the clouds are the dust of his feet.
Nahum 1:3

Take some time to sit at His feet and find rest for your soul. (Jer 6:16, Matt 11:29)


  1. I so needed to hear this today! Thank you =)

  2. Hi Joann! So I have a question for you, and I can't find an email address anywhere... would you mind shooting me an email at Thanks, girl!

  3. you are such a wise person. :) i love your blog. i want to say don't stop blogging, but that would be selfish of me! x