Saturday, 8 October 2011


He's that familiar specter lurking in the dark shadows of my mind. With whispers so soft. So enticing. It's easy to fall. Even before danger is realized and reason fights back, his grip holds fast and firm. Not easily shaken. Fear has won many a hard fought battle. I hate the power he holds over me and I fight to loosen his relentless grip.

Fear creeps up slowly and before you know it, he becomes your closest friend. Who tells you lies that you start to believe. And in spite of what you know in your head, (that this is irrational) Fear tightens his ever increasing grip around your heart and tells you terrible things. Depressing and dejecting things. Things that break you and bind you. Things that wound.

But what if we could say goodbye to Fear? Live without his limitations and accusations? What if we sought freedom?

What would it be like to be Fearless?


So begins my series entitle 'Fearless'.  I'll leave you to consider the above question. Tell me in the comments what you'd do if you had no fear? If I had no fear, I'd try telling people the really important things that make our lives meaningful instead of skimming the surface of relationships with small talk.


  1. Oh, I know this feeling well. Fear has always been right inside my head, it seems. It took me a long time to realize that God was truly bigger than my fears and that I could act on them. I only went on a missions trip out of the country because the Spirit broke through that fear and said "You're meant to go. Trust me and GO." I heard it, believed it (most of the time... there was some shaky faith days, for sure), and acted on it. Sure enough, several months later I was nervously bouncing my leg on an airplane seat taking off on my first plane ride of seven. It was hard to overcome that fear of flying, of the unknown, of leaving home at a time that was important to my family... but I did. And it was right. Now it's a little easier for me to see through the lies fear tells... at least when I'm paying attention. I'm interested to hear more from you on this, Jo-Ann. I'll try to be fearless with you for a time. :)

    Now for your question... right now, I think if I were acting fearlessly, I would jump right in to serving others and building up my photography business. There's a anxious hesitance that I think has started to trickle in as I'm moving more in those directions with my life... the spiritual warfare battling on. I'm pushing past it for now, but there's still that residue on my heart and I'd like to burst through it and let His plans for this time of my life truly manifest.

  2. If I had no fear I think I would go into missions in Africa. Live in a hut and eat foods that I'm not familiar with. I think just plain sharing the Gospel with people is what I would do. I know that is one thing that I'm terrified to do, in case they get really mad or really mean and make fun of me or something. But when I think about it, my fear is kinda silly and misplaced. I'm actually very ashamed of my fear. But it's the truth. I'm afraid of sharing the Gospel with people I don't know because I'm afraid of what they will think. BUT! If I had no fear...yah...