Tuesday, 23 August 2011

We all Have Them

Three words: day. from. hell.

Sorry to put it so bluntly but really, it's been terrible. I'll spare the details but today ranks right up there with one of the worst days I've ever had since starting my job in April.  Yeah today makes all of two really memorable and truly awful days at work. The worst being when I woke up ten minuets before I was meant to start. Then I killed a bird on the way to work and got stuck in traffic because of an accident. Things only got worse as the day went on. Not to mention that I just wanted to curl up in a little ball and die of homesickness.  So yeah, that was a really horrible, horrible day. 

And so was this one. Maybe not so dramatic. But there were lots of little things that, when combined, made my day so unbearable that the only solution was to pour a glass of red wine and eat courgette with lots of cheese sauce and baguette with dip and camembert cheese. It is quite possible that cheese is the answer to all my problems. I also may have called home and spent an hour speaking to the wisest and most encouraging person in the world. Ever. My mother. Wouldn't you if you had a rugby ball hurled into your face and still be the least of your concerns for the day?

I might possibly have a black eye in the morning. Let's hope not. Well, here's to headaches, unreliable emotions, encounters with rugby balls, good food, chocolate, a good night's sleep and bad days in general.  On that optimistic note, time for bed. I need that good sleep I just mentioned.


  1. praying for you honey! hope things start looking better =)

  2. Aw so sorry to hear that :( I remember getting a kickball to the face and how painful that was...and I was in 2nd grade! I can't imagine a rugby ball. Ouch. I said a prayer for you last night that you wouldn't get a black eye after all! The Bible says that "Joy comes in the morning," so I hope that has been the case for you today!

  3. Thank you both. Turns out the black eye thing was just a worst case scenario and thankfully it wasn't worst case. Just rather painful!

    Carmen - Joy indeed comes in the morning. As much as the best plan at the end of a bad day is to wallow and lament life's tragedies, a new day brings a fresh start and renewed hope. I certainly felt that way.

  4. Poor thing :( I hate those days. With a passion. And they seem to happen when we least expect them, too!

    "It is quite possible that cheese is the answer to all my problems." - LOL!!! Can I please adopt this as my personal Life-Quote?!

    Keep on keepin' on, girl... I your days since have been considerably brighter :)