Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I've been thinking lately about how people are really incredibly complex beings. We think things and feel things that never make their way onto paper or get formed into words. But none the less, they exist. They are part of who we are and indeed, who we are becoming. Heart thoughts are sometimes so deep that I don't fully grasp their meaning straight away or even at all. They never quite make it onto the page because words are not enough. God works in us on a level so much deeper than words. So there are many times when I feel compelled to write something but find that even the right words are empty and inadequate. So I write about something else entirely. Thankfully I am not defined by the things I write about. Jhen Stark puts it beautifully, "My blog or your blog doesn't define who we are".  We are all more than the things we choose to write about.


  1. So true! And I like how you put it: Heart Thoughts. There are so many times I wish I could write things, but then I realize I don't understand them well enough myself, so I wait. And wait some more, and then post it =)

  2. Yes! So do I. That may be why I am currently quite silent here. Things are happening in the heart that I have yet to make sense of. All in good time:)