Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dear Winter

You are warm covers and hot water bottles and you smell of lavender. You're the lovely lullaby that sings me to sleep and you're the wispy and mysteriously wonder-filled morning. You're rain and sun showers and rainbows that peek out from behind grey clouds. You are passionate and tempestuous and at times, you have an air of sweet melancholy. I like that about you. You're also cozy and snugly and deep down a real softy at heart. You may seem unfriendly sometimes but really you're just misunderstood. You blend your beauty and your strength to create a scene of unsurpassed splendor. It seems that I have misjudged you. You're not so                                                                                                                      terrible after all.


  1. What a beautiful description of winter! I love that season... there's just something sweet about it. Reading your post made me feel like I'm there, experiencing winter and not blazing hot July temperatures. So thank you for that. :) (I'm so thankful you found my blog and allowed me to find yours! I'm enjoying my visit here!)