Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Where do you Write?

I mostly write on the floor of my bedroom just outside the door to my bathroom.
Sometimes I write in the bathroom sitting on the toilet seat. It's an odd place to write, I admit, but it's the best spot to get wireless connection. Maybe not so weird now that you know that? Or maybe it kinda is.  Strike the kinda - it's weird.
Sometimes I sit on the staircase. Other times in a poofy beanbag in front of the TV. And sometimes in bed. But the internet connection is really bad there so very rarely. I've even written a post at work in the staff room once. 

Do you always write in the same place or do you move around a lot? Do you also write on your toilet seat, or in the car, or at a desk, or on a train, or in a library, or at the zoo??! 

Crazy or not, I'd like to know...

Where do you write?


  1. I usually stick to blogging at my desk, on my bed, or at the breakfast bar in the kitchen =D

  2. Hey Jo-Ann! I'll be in touch with you through e-mail about the coffee chat thing. I'm still figuring out the details =D But it's going to be fun!