Sunday, 22 May 2011

Singleness and Hash Browns

In all my blogging days, there has been one subject that I have been loath to talk about - singleness. I've always skirted around the edges and dodged the issue as much as possible. But I've determined to be real and honest here, in this, my third incarnation of blogspace.  And honestly, I shall try to be. I'm not going to write a long essay about it. No one wants to read it. Believe me, it'll be the usual Christian rehash. (That makes me think of hash browns - yum.) In my endeavorer to be more authentic, I'm going to attempt this topic with a slice of Jo-Ann - mostly being unprescribed and outside the square which is really saying that it's very much in the square. But I like it that way. Again, mental note: no rules, Jo, no rules.

Being in the (mostly) contented state of singleness that I am and open to the idea of taking steps toward marriage and living in faith that God's plan for me does involve marriage, I live in hope and preparation for the change of season that will entail being someone's wife. So, I'm going to share and be a little more open about the journey that presently holds the title 'Singleness'. But this is only the prequel.  Right now, I'm wondering how I managed to include the subject of singleness and hash browns in the same post... 


  1. I look forward to hearing about this! I went through a long season of singleness. Not many people talk about it.

  2. :) Love the singleness-hash brown connection. Singleness is definitely a loaded topic but one that's good to address.